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Lockdown Blues Bottled Cocktail


2020, what a year! And what better to do than sit back, enjoy a delicious cocktail and hope that 2021 is better. This is the cocktail for that occasion! A simple tropical cocktail that is a beautiful, insta-worthy colour, and tastes just as good!

Serving Suggestions:
Get your insta worthy short glass and pour over ice. Give it a quick stir to really make the blue *pop* through the ice. Grab your photo before sitting back and enjoying it!

Our Lockdown Blues Cocktail Contains:
Coconut Rum, Lime, Blue Curacao

All of our cocktails are hand-poured and made-to-order with only the freshest ingredients. We suggest you enjoy this cocktail within a month of receiving it – be sure to check the Drink Before recommendation on the back of the bottle.

Refrigerate between 4-7ºc. Consume within 2 days of opening. 

15% ABV • 1.2 Standard Drinks • 100mL

Please Drink Responsibly

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