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Martini Bottled Cocktail


The classic cocktail. Many people are scared of the martini but there is nothing to fear with this one. A simple cocktail with a complex taste makes a normal night feel special. Serve it as cold as possible and it will guarantee to make you smile. The house makes a dry gin martini, we drink it with an olive, but we understand that's not for everyone, so a lemon twist will also compliment perfectly.

Serving Suggestions:
Martini is a tricky one. Serve it how you like it! Shake it, stir it or drink straight from the bottle (not recommended). How do our bartenders like it? Stirred over ice and garnished with skewered olive. Lemon twists are also a crowd favourite! Isn't this exciting? Free reign for you!

Our Martini Cocktail Contains:
Bombay Gin, Noilly Prat Vermouth

All of our cocktails are hand-poured and made-to-order with only the freshest ingredients. We suggest you enjoy this cocktail within 3 months of receiving it – be sure to check the Drink Before recommendation on the back of the bottle.

Refrigerate between 4-7ºc. Consume within 2 days of opening. 

30% ABV • 2.4 Standard Drinks • 100mL

Please Drink Responsibly

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